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Best Android Apps To Make Money Online For Free

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You find a lot of  apps in Play Store and  Apple Store which you use them for a specific purpose.They not only prove to be useful in various circumstances like entertainment, gaming and navigation but they also help you to Earn Money. Yes!!, you heard right. There are various apps by which you can earn money by doing simple task.But some of them are fake ones, so be aware of those. Now, here I am gonna share some Best Android Apps To Make Money Online For Free. Check It Out!!


Checkpoints is the "App That Pays You Back". This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

For earning gifts and rewards all  you need to do is snag points by checking in with the checkpoints wherever you shop and scan any product using Barcode scanner to earn points.If you make more points you get more money.
You can also get points by referring friends and playing bonus games and you can redeem it in the following way's like to earn gift cards, game point credits and free merchandise instead of paying cash directly.

So what are you waiting for, just click here to download  Checkpoints App
And start earning money instantly.
For more Information about the add click HERE
Free recharge apps for Android

WHAFF Rewards:-

Do you want to discover new apps and get rewarded with Cash or Gift Cards? WHAFF
lets you to do this,it lets you browse Sponsored Apps Hand Picked by WHAFF and reward for downloading it.
I can say this is the best app with a huge rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store.

All you need to do is just login WHAFF Reward with your Facebook account or create a separate ID for it.Browse for different Apps shown by WHAFF and download them whatever you want and you will be paid by sponsors. Get your cash via PayPal or Gift Cards like Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Xbox Gift Cards and many more.

Download:-WHAFF Reward

Paisa Swipe Beta:-

It is the best app I have ever seen, because this app pays you money just for unlocking your mobile phone.What could be great more than this!

.All you need to do is just installing the application and make sure your Data Connection is ON. And that's it you are ready to earn money. Just unlock your phone and you will find sponsors add just check it out to earn money. You can easily earn Rs.300 per month just by unlocking your phone. You will also be paid if you refer your friends. If you refer your friends a lot, then you can easily earn Rs.1000+ bonus.

Download:-Paisa Swipe Beta

Viggle App:-

The viggle App lets you earn free rewards just for watching TV and listening music.This app is available in both Android and IOS smartphones.

Just download this amazing app into your smartphone and watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile and listen to music and get paid for doing them.Collect your point and redeem them through gift cards and many more.



If you ask me best among these apps? I would definitely suggest you to go with WHAFF Reward and Paisa Swipe Beta which are just doing well..

Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Money

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There are many survey sites that pay money for doing surveys.But most of them are spam.So one should be aware of such sites.Here is a best site which is paying money to the surveys from 2006."Cashcrate" is the best site to get paid for simple surveys.


Earn Money With Cashcrate :-

Step 1:-

First go to the crashcrate site sign up for free.You will get $1 free for sign up.
click Here for sign up for cashcrate.

Step 2:-
Once done with first step now you have four ways to earn money





By doing the above mentions ways you can easily earn money

Step 3:-
Just doing surveys will make you money,but to earn more money referrals is the best way. You get 20% of what your referral make and 10% of what their referral make.Refer more Earn more.

By doing the above simple steps by spending just 20 minutes daily you can definitely earn $50 to $100 per month.


Minimum payout is $20.Your payment will be processed by 20th of every month by cheque to the given address.


As you get your payment by cheque don't forget to enter the correct details of your address.

Sign Up for Cashcrate.


Most of the sites are spam.This is the best site than many other sites for paid surveys.So i suggest you to go with this site.

How To Get Free Recharge Online

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There are many sites which say that it pays Free Recharge,but most of them does not work.So here i am giving you the best site to earn free recharge just by referring and  also doing surveys.

India Speaks:- 

It is a online survey panel which pays for just doing surveys.The each survey are worth of 50-150 reward points & we can redeem this reward points to mobile recharge,Life style,cafe coffee day voucher,sodexo vouchers etc.Minimum redeem points is 50 for mobile recharge.So easily u can earn 100-150rs. of recharge per month.Also u can earn 20 points(Rs.20) just by referring your friend.


PaisaLive Pay's Rs.99 Just For Login Best Site To Earn Money Online

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You may find various sites which pay you money for watching ads ,playing games and watching videos but none of them pay you nothing for log in. But PaisaLive pay's Rs.99 Just for sign up.You can earn Free Recharge also by participating in Free Recharge Emails in PaisaLive inbox.

Earn Money Through PaisaLive

 How To Earn Money Through PaisaLive:-

1.Just get register in PaisaLive and get Rs.99 in Your PaisaLive account.You need not put any investment in this site it's totally free.

2.Now Earn money for each your promotions by watching ads,referring friends ,participating in free recharge emails.

3.You can also earn money just for log in in PaisaLive account daily once i.e For each unique login in 24 hours.

4.Once you get login into your account you will receive promotions from their advertisers based on your profile

5.You get Rs.0.25 to Rs.5.00 based on your activity score and type of promotion

6.You earn Rs.2 for each friend you refer to PaisaLive.

Payment Proof:-

This is the payment proof which have been delivered by the PaisaLive through cheque

Payment Proof

Click Here To Register:PaisaLive

Also see:How To Get Free Recharge Online


You can earn more if you watch  and refer more and just by unique login in 24 hour's.This is the best site I have ever seen.Just check it out
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