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Best Sites To Write Sponsor Reviews And Get Paid: For Bloggers

Review writing is the easiest and fastest way to earn money online for bloggers. Now a day’s most of the bloggers are making some good income by writing reviews on their blog as required by the advertiser.
So here I am going to share the best sites to get connect with the sponsors, then start writing reviews and get paid. All most all the sites mentioned below require a PayPal account.



This is the site for those you have blogs or websites. Here there is a great opportunity for both advertisers and bloggers. If you have a website or a blog and you wanted to earn bucks from it, then this site will definitely gonna help you out. All you need to do is just submitting your site to then the advertisers will look into your blog and they will contact you and they will ask you to write a review about their own requirement. And that’s it you are ready to be paid for it. Bloggers can also contact with the advertisers directly.



Blogsvertise has been yet another a great site for bloggers. In order to get started you need to register your blog in Blogvertise and wait for moderation and once the reviewing of your site has done and when they accept your blog. Then you are ready to earn money. Blogsvertise administrator will assign the writing task through email that include on advertisers interest on what to publish in your blog. You don’t have to endorse the website product/service.



This is the best and easy to use and earn money as long as you have a blog. You should submit your blog to them. Once the site gets accepted, then you are asked to write sponsored posts on your blog and get paid for it. Payment is made via PayPal and the minimum payout is $50.



This is the best site in the Sponsor Review Market that pays you money for writing reviews on your blog. Once your site gets accepted, you will receive assignments on a weekly basis on your blog profile. You will receive your payment via PayPal for every two weeks.



SocialSpark is from the same company which has also created the PayPerPost. You can either sign up as an Advertiser or Creator. Once you sign up as Creator, then you are eligible to take part in reviews. It has many Advertisers who can hadpick bloggers to promote their products or services through sponsor reviews or by just displaying advertisements.

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