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Everything You Should Know About Google Cardboard



Hey guys, have you come to know about the new product by name Google Cardboard which is just awesome. Though its made with the use of cardboard, but it has a great feature that will just make you feel the Virtual Reality.Lets get in to know some features and how does it works actually.

What Is Google Cardboard:

Google Cardboard is a fold out cardboard which has a combination of magnets,lenses,rubber band which can be held against the face, by which you can experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and inexpensive way.It may feel little funny that just a piece of cardboard can do it but in fact it's true. It has got two lenses left and right and when looked through it make a three dimensional view.This simple piece of cardboard turns your mobile into a virtual reality device.All you need to do is just place your mobile in the place given in the cardboard ,once it is fixed and the compatible apps are installed by the use of lenses you can experience the real world in virtual reality.
Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard
Google Board

How Does It Works:

It actually works by placing your smartphone in the given place and once it got fixed, with the help of lenses you can experience the 3D effect.You can experience the real world experience like if you turn your head the images also get response to the same position by which you get the feeling as if you are in that place in real.You can also browse the street view say US which feels as if you are in actually present in that place

And it come with the NFC Chip which will directly take you to the compatible app as soon as you place the mobile in the headset.And with addition to this it has also got a small magnet at the side which is another design aspect of the device.As you cannot touch your mobile once you place your mobile in the device, but this little magnet helps to do this.

Once you have this device you can unfold the world around you.
Here is a video by which you will come to know in detail about it.


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