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A Bond Of Togetherness


I wanted to share my personal experience where I feel loved and cared about me by my friend and showed a good bond of togetherness. Tarakesh was a very good friend of mine. He was a person with positive attitude and always had something positive to say about. He was a person with optimism filled in him and he would definitely share it with everyone. Actually we were very close friends from school days. We both studied in the same college as well. But unfortunately after intermediate my friend got a seat in NIT Delhi in Computer Science and Engineering stream but I did not, and I got a seat in Eamcet in  same department in Hyderabad. That was a miserable moment in my life where I would be missing my friend for four years of graduation in engineering. But my friend was not willing to go to NIT where he will miss me for four years. But due to his parents force he had to go for NIT.
Then he flied to Delhi to pursue his graduation and I too joined an engineering college in Hyderabad. During my college days I had missed him a lot and he does the same. And the days went on with not even a single memory with him and in college I did not find any friend like him rather instead of encouragement my friends used to discourage me in terms of getting a job as an engineer. They would say me that there are many students like us who complete graduation but not even get a single job. Even I too went for the interviews were I did not get selected because I myself was not confident about it. Then this searching for job went for some days but I did not succeed.
And suddenly a very fine day I came to know that my close friend who also completed hi s graduation got selected in campus placements and was coming to Hyderabad to meet his parents. This message made me surprised. As soon as he reached Hyderabad met his parents and directly came to me. I said him my story. The very first word he said me was “hope”, he said me to have hope and confidence in myself. He gave me full confidence and encouraged me a lot. At that day I felt togetherness with my friend and that day was a memorable day for me in my life.
He gave me strength and motivated me a lot which filled me with optimism and hope in my future. And with that hope I struggled hard for months and got selected in a MNC company. When I got selected, the very first moment I remembered was my friend who gave me strength and motivation which were the main reason to get a job and success in life. And this was only possible with my loved friend who was always with me for my success and I think it’s not just a friendship but it’s a power of togetherness


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