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A Perfect Nashta @Kellogg'sWaleGuptaji!


Breakfast is the most important component of the meal one should not skip it. A day with the perfect breakfast starts your day with a good mood. A perfect breakfast at perfect time keeps you healthier. Breakfast gives us energy and many vital nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins. But
all these Nutrients does not include in every food you have. Vegetables are of good source of vitamins; hence including it in your portion of breakfast keeps you healthier.

Actually I am a foodie guy who loves to have a variety of dishes. And when it comes to breakfast I prefer variety of dishes everyday. I love all those recipes of which brings a heavenly aroma which I justlove it. So one day a heavenly aroma was spreading from my neighbor Guptaji’s house then I thought it was a normal dish as the day passed by and also the next day happened the same and this continued for some days and I was just wondering what could be the ingredients they may be using and what kind of dishes they were preparing for Breakfast.

And one day it did not stopped me to go to my neighbor Guptaji’s house to ask what they prepare for breakfast and I was shocked to know that it was Kellogg’s Cornflakes. Then with an eager I started to ask him questions about the dishes they make but then I was shocked to know that it’s not just a single dish but there are different dishes which can be made with Kellogg’s Cornflakes but with different ingredients. But I was bachelor and I don’t know how to cook at all.

 Now a day’s Guptaji’s family is famous for their delicious food recipes by Cornflakes. Every day I used to bring hotel food for my breakfast and one day I was passing by Guptaji’s house and the same aroma of Cornflakes did not stopped me to ask him that can I join him for breakfast  and without hesitating he invited me to his house for breakfast. I was so excited to go his house for breakfast that too with yummy Cornflakes. Then he served me with Parcel Wala Nashta that is Sitaphal Cornflakes. It was so yummy I just could not describe it with words.

As I was about to finish with it and got surprised by another variety of Cornflakes Coconut Ladoo’s.  It was another tasty dish I ever had and thanked Mr. Gupta for inviting me with a Tasteful as well as Healthier Breakfast and went my way for office. As I started my day with a tasty breakfast my day went with good mood. From Then I always wanted to go to Guptaji’s house to much all these tasty, healthy and delicious dishes and sometimes to learn a few of them and learn to cook them later. You can find more recipes of Kellogg’s Cornflakes at AnaajKaNashta and Kelloggindia
Also Check the video of how people are crazy to go Guptaji's house For a Perfect Breakfast!!


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