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A Perfect Nashta @Kellogg'sWaleGuptaji!

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Breakfast is the most important component of the meal one should not skip it. A day with the perfect breakfast starts your day with a good mood. A perfect breakfast at perfect time keeps you healthier. Breakfast gives us energy and many vital nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins. But
all these Nutrients does not include in every food you have. Vegetables are of good source of vitamins; hence including it in your portion of breakfast keeps you healthier.

Actually I am a foodie guy who loves to have a variety of dishes. And when it comes to breakfast I prefer variety of dishes everyday. I love all those recipes of which brings a heavenly aroma which I justlove it. So one day a heavenly aroma was spreading from my neighbor Guptaji’s house then I thought it was a normal dish as the day passed by and also the next day happened the same and this continued for some days and I was just wondering what could be the ingredients they may be using and what kind of dishes they were preparing for Breakfast.

And one day it did not stopped me to go to my neighbor Guptaji’s house to ask what they prepare for breakfast and I was shocked to know that it was Kellogg’s Cornflakes. Then with an eager I started to ask him questions about the dishes they make but then I was shocked to know that it’s not just a single dish but there are different dishes which can be made with Kellogg’s Cornflakes but with different ingredients. But I was bachelor and I don’t know how to cook at all.

 Now a day’s Guptaji’s family is famous for their delicious food recipes by Cornflakes. Every day I used to bring hotel food for my breakfast and one day I was passing by Guptaji’s house and the same aroma of Cornflakes did not stopped me to ask him that can I join him for breakfast  and without hesitating he invited me to his house for breakfast. I was so excited to go his house for breakfast that too with yummy Cornflakes. Then he served me with Parcel Wala Nashta that is Sitaphal Cornflakes. It was so yummy I just could not describe it with words.

As I was about to finish with it and got surprised by another variety of Cornflakes Coconut Ladoo’s.  It was another tasty dish I ever had and thanked Mr. Gupta for inviting me with a Tasteful as well as Healthier Breakfast and went my way for office. As I started my day with a tasty breakfast my day went with good mood. From Then I always wanted to go to Guptaji’s house to much all these tasty, healthy and delicious dishes and sometimes to learn a few of them and learn to cook them later. You can find more recipes of Kellogg’s Cornflakes at AnaajKaNashta and Kelloggindia
Also Check the video of how people are crazy to go Guptaji's house For a Perfect Breakfast!!

A Smile Of Happiness

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I wanted to share my personal experiences about what makes me the Happiest person ever. Happiness is not just a feel of success, it has Many meanings for i.e. The smile on a face determines acceptance. There are
Many situations in my life which make me feel happy, among them few are Memorable moments in my life. Actually, happiness is not same for everyone. It depends on the person’s interest. So here goes my story I feel very happy when something good happens. I Love to make new friends and enjoy with them and make the best memories My life. So, during my school day I have very few friends and at times We were not so matured, but i have many little funny memories which Just brings a smile on my face. When we were in 10th standard we felt Very sad because all those days are coming to an end. And after Completion of our exams, we passed out with a very good percentile and We received many appreciations from our lecturers and then soon I Completed my 10th standard we shifted our house to another place whichWas actually a state. At that time we did not have any contact Numbers and nothing. When we shifted to the other state for a few months I missed my school friends a lot, but those Memories make me feel Happy. Those memories used to bring a smile on my face.

As the days passed by, I joined an intermediate college where I made a Very few friends and they were not like my school friends, because in School it was a bond of six years with my friends and my intermediate Life just completed in two years in which I only have a memory of Studies and not of enjoyment and after two years I completed mine Intermediate and joined in an engineering college. So my engineering Life got started and my memories of my school friends don’t come Into my mind. And one day night when I was ready to sleep and the next Day of it was my birthday, then suddenly I remembered my school days And my memories rolled back and the day which we enjoy during birthday Just make me feel happy and tears rolled out of my eyes and in that Feeling I suddenly fall asleep.

And at sharp 12 o'clock bell rang and I suddenly got up in a hurry and Opened the door and I was just shocked to see my school friends which I hardly able to recognize them after 6 years. It was a very happy Moment in my life and will not forget that moment for ever and ever. Actually there are no words to describe my feeling at that time. It Was an unbelievable surprise for me I my life and all I was doing was
SMILING and it was a smile of HAPPINESS.

Everything You Should Know About Google Cardboard

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Hey guys, have you come to know about the new product by name Google Cardboard which is just awesome. Though its made with the use of cardboard, but it has a great feature that will just make you feel the Virtual Reality.Lets get in to know some features and how does it works actually.

What Is Google Cardboard:

Google Cardboard is a fold out cardboard which has a combination of magnets,lenses,rubber band which can be held against the face, by which you can experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and inexpensive way.It may feel little funny that just a piece of cardboard can do it but in fact it's true. It has got two lenses left and right and when looked through it make a three dimensional view.This simple piece of cardboard turns your mobile into a virtual reality device.All you need to do is just place your mobile in the place given in the cardboard ,once it is fixed and the compatible apps are installed by the use of lenses you can experience the real world in virtual reality.
Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard
Google Board

How Does It Works:

It actually works by placing your smartphone in the given place and once it got fixed, with the help of lenses you can experience the 3D effect.You can experience the real world experience like if you turn your head the images also get response to the same position by which you get the feeling as if you are in that place in real.You can also browse the street view say US which feels as if you are in actually present in that place

And it come with the NFC Chip which will directly take you to the compatible app as soon as you place the mobile in the headset.And with addition to this it has also got a small magnet at the side which is another design aspect of the device.As you cannot touch your mobile once you place your mobile in the device, but this little magnet helps to do this.

Once you have this device you can unfold the world around you.
Here is a video by which you will come to know in detail about it.

A Bond Of Togetherness

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I wanted to share my personal experience where I feel loved and cared about me by my friend and showed a good bond of togetherness. Tarakesh was a very good friend of mine. He was a person with positive attitude and always had something positive to say about. He was a person with optimism filled in him and he would definitely share it with everyone. Actually we were very close friends from school days. We both studied in the same college as well. But unfortunately after intermediate my friend got a seat in NIT Delhi in Computer Science and Engineering stream but I did not, and I got a seat in Eamcet in  same department in Hyderabad. That was a miserable moment in my life where I would be missing my friend for four years of graduation in engineering. But my friend was not willing to go to NIT where he will miss me for four years. But due to his parents force he had to go for NIT.
Then he flied to Delhi to pursue his graduation and I too joined an engineering college in Hyderabad. During my college days I had missed him a lot and he does the same. And the days went on with not even a single memory with him and in college I did not find any friend like him rather instead of encouragement my friends used to discourage me in terms of getting a job as an engineer. They would say me that there are many students like us who complete graduation but not even get a single job. Even I too went for the interviews were I did not get selected because I myself was not confident about it. Then this searching for job went for some days but I did not succeed.
And suddenly a very fine day I came to know that my close friend who also completed hi s graduation got selected in campus placements and was coming to Hyderabad to meet his parents. This message made me surprised. As soon as he reached Hyderabad met his parents and directly came to me. I said him my story. The very first word he said me was “hope”, he said me to have hope and confidence in myself. He gave me full confidence and encouraged me a lot. At that day I felt togetherness with my friend and that day was a memorable day for me in my life.
He gave me strength and motivated me a lot which filled me with optimism and hope in my future. And with that hope I struggled hard for months and got selected in a MNC company. When I got selected, the very first moment I remembered was my friend who gave me strength and motivation which were the main reason to get a job and success in life. And this was only possible with my loved friend who was always with me for my success and I think it’s not just a friendship but it’s a power of togetherness

A Change In My Life

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I wanted to share my personal experience of how I changed my life by taking some bold steps which were very difficult to take in some situations of our life but those steps are needed to be taken if you want a change in moving beyond the process of change, why change in life is necessary? It's because every one need success in their life, and how does it come when you do not work hard or make some crucial steps in your life. Hence change in life is must one should do it do be successful in life.Here goes my story..I was an engineering student with technical background but it was not my zeal towards it. I went it that field without actually knowing my goals. Finally I was about to finish my graduation but up to then I always had a keen interest in posing for pics, my friends would just get irritated by the most number of pics I will be posing for.By the way I give a good pose and of course look good and many of my friends suggested me to get into the modelling field. But I stay in Hyderabad and I do not have any background support of someone who can drop me in that field. And one day my friend who actually stays in Mumbai told me that one of his friend is working in modelling field and he was at respectable position. So my friend referred me to him and he told me to come to Mumbai for auditions.

        And here begins the journey of my life to get A Change In My Life by taking some bold steps such as leaving my family alone and going to Mumbai to Start A New Life. I went to Mumbai, met my friend who was the only one I knew in Mumbai, for some days I was in his house and later I moved to separate house with one bedroom, and started my life by cooking myself , washing my cloths and  by living alone chasing my dreams to come true. It was a challenge for me in my life to be success by achieving my dreams, living alone on my own steps. I was feeling as an individual person.I was feeling pleasurable by Living in that new home alone.Then I went for the auditions and was selected which was an embarrassing moment in my life and at that moment I was like flying in air with much of happiness filled my heart.

Then after continuous struggle for 5 months, I started my career in modelling field and I got some offers from start up companies and was earning some good income.At that moment I felt success in my life. And that success would not be possible if I wouldn't take the step of living alone in Mumbai and leaving my family alone in Hyderabad. Hence "Change In Life" is necessary to StartANewLife.


Look up to Optimism & Hope

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I wanted to share my personal experience of being a man of positive attitude and optimism in nature. Until and unless I realized, I was not a person with positive attitude. I would react to negative side if certain bad things happen with me. I used to be very disappointed to such situations. It was continued and came to end when I met a new friend in a crash course classes. His name was tarakesh , he was a person with positive attitude, he would react to any situation positively . 
It took some days for me to understand his behavior and attitude. He was always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. He was a natural motivator for me. So one day we had a exam in our crash course classes and the next day we got results , I got very less marks when compared to others and my friend who was positive at all times got much less than me. I was very disappointed to the result I got, but my friend reacted positive towards it and was happy, I asked him are you not disappointed to the result you got. He just smiled and said no not at all. He said that if we do not do mistakes we would not learn anything, and mistakes are stepping stones of success. 
Then I argued with him that you cannot react to every situation positively sometime we need to react to the negative side of it also, and then he explained the whole scenario as follows. “Each morning I wake up and ask myself that I have to options today either to be in a good mood or to be in a bad mood and I always choose to be in a good mood. And if something bad happens to me, then again I have two choices either to think of that and be in a disappointed mood all the day or to learn from that bad situation and I always choose the second option to learn from that bad thing which has happened and try to avoid that in future”. 
Seeing this kind of attitude from a person made me curious and showed me hope for future. From then till now I have been a person with positive attitude and always say the same to the people who unnecessarily react to negative side of the situation and be in a disappointed mood which gives you nothing but rather learning from your mistakes makes a better person and that person will definitely see success in life. Once upon a time my friend was a motivational person for me who taught me about positive attitude and how to be the happiest person in the world. But now it’s me who inspire people about looking up positive in life and that positive attitude will definitely give him hope for the future.
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