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My experience of rising above fear

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I want to share my experience about rising above my fear. Once I along my friends went to a tour. Our tour location was Manali. It was during the period of winter. The temperature over there was very low. We were feeling very cold right from the day of our arrival to Manali. The first day we went for sports like paragliding and river rafting. During paragliding, all my friends were very excited to take part. But I always had a fear of heights. So, I told my friends that I would not take part in paragliding. My friends were very disappointed with this decision. They wanted every person of our group to participate in it. So, they started requesting me a lot. But I was very sure about my decision. So, one of my friends was getting ready to paraglide. In the meantime, I observed a guy who was with his family. He had some kind of fracture in his hands and his parents were advising him that if he was feeling uncomfortable, he can avoid it. But he was very adamant that he wanted to enjoy the paragliding. I was shocked to see such kind of an attitude from a person who was not psychically well. Later, he went up the hill and took off to paraglide. I felt very confident looking at such move by the young lad. I called my friends and told them I too will participate in the sport. They became very happy. As, I want up to the hill, I was feeling the fear as well as I was very feeling courageous looking at the boy. Now, as I was about to takeoff, the feeling of fear rose. Then, I took a deep breath of faith and started running toward the cliff for takeoff. And I successfully took off and the feeling of being above so high was very amazing. I would have never experienced this amazing feeling if I would have not conquered my fear. The boy taught me a lesson due to which I was able to rise above my own fear. If I would have not risen up, my friends would have got disappointed and I would have not experienced such an amazing feeling in my life. From that day onwards I have never feared off heights. I also gained the attitude of conquering over my fears. This was the most pleasant experience of my life. Now, I advise people to overcome fears instead of running away from them. I tell them there are only two options to run away from fear or to face it. And facing it is the best option. This experience always stays with me and encourages me in every walk of life.

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