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Latest Version Of Android "Android L" Developer's Preview

The latest version of Android you may think is Android 5.0 which would be not..For now it is Android L.Yes you heard right.Google has recently made a preview all about Android L.

"Android L has bought a raft of changes which would be the biggest upgrade to Android yet and it has over 5000 new API's" Proclaims the Android head Sundar Pichai.
The software is presently available to the user of Google Nexus 5 smartphones and Google Nexus 7 tablets. And for rest of the all it's just ahead.

Android L in Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Features Of Android L:-

Google has implemented a lot of new changes in it's latest version of Android L which would be the biggest upgrade to yet.

New Material Design Look:-

If you are using the stocked version of android that would not show you the visual changes on to way to your find.The big news for android L is  change the way it look's.These changes included not only in mobile,but also in tablet,Tv screen,watch and even in the car.

The new Material Design is meant to look like in both Flat and 3D.It is based on every animation and every shadow look real.That is there will be shadow gradients and 3D style that slides one over other.

The Font used is Roboto Font which is same for Watch To TV.Window's buttons such as Home,Back and Multitasking are also refined.Which also makes a difference from the old version of Android.New on-screen  notification buttons are there too.

3D and Flat Look
New Material Desing

 Enhanced Notifiation:-

Another big change in the Android L is the notificaiton.Google has decided to combine both lock screen and notification i.e You can see the notification of the lock screen itself and a simple swipe takes you into the phone.

If you get a call while you are playing a game,the notification just pop-up's whether you want to take it.It is likely to be same with the messages too.Google also sets privacy control to the lock screen notifications

Modern Art:-

ART stand for Android Run Time.Google replaces earlier run time  Delvin  with ART run-time.That is with no change to software the apps will  run twice fast on Android L.Art is also a 64-bit compatible which benefits cross platform support and also the increased RAM support.Over all ART is much faster than the earlier Delvin.
Android Run Time

Battery Life In Android L:-

The Battery life of Android L will be more efficient with the integration of the new tool called Project Volta.which lets the user to dig into the application power usage with android debugging tools.Battery saver mode is also integrated by default.which saves a little more battery than before.

Task Switching:-

The new Google android L adds control to task switching.That is you have options like Public and Private.You can select what should be included in public like notification,individual documents etc.
Task Switching

What to watch official video preview release Click here:Google I/O 2014  


          Many internal feature are yet to be revealed.Will get posted Asap.
          Don't forget to post your comments to make me go better. 


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