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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Does your website is ignore by Google? You shared your website on all great sites? But failed to increase the traffic to your site? You want much more traffic to your site or blog? Then you are on the right place.Just follow the simple steps which are the most important  parts of SEO.

What is Seo?

Seo Stands for Search Engine Optimization which has its own set of  rules and strategies to increase the position, i.e. Ranking of your site in the search engine's such as Google.

How Google Works:-

Everybody knows that Google is a search engine which is used by one and all. It has its own set of rules and regulations. The advertisers pay Google to show their ads on various websites. Hence, to provide a better experience to their users google has created many updates like a hummingbird and panda, which makes higher quality content to appear first in the search engine

Tips and Tricks:-

Keyword Planner:-

Most of the others just go keyword plane in Adwords and search for appropriate words and the words which have great searches they use them. But this is a big mistake most of the bloggers do. Because if you use a keyword which has the highest number of searches there will be a lot of competition to such words and its difficult to beat them and hence one should select the words which have medium competition by which you can beat those competitors.

Don't Ignore Your Old Posts:-

Never Ignore your old posts reasoning that they are of no use. There are great ways to link your old post to the new one the new one All you need to do is just make a link to your old post and keep it in the new post the google robots re-index your old post and give u highest rating.

Write For Your Reader's:-

Write for reader's not for search engines. This is a big mistake done by almost everyone in this field.Before writing any topic once make sure that reader's are interested in that topic or not. Most of the people write posts based on the keyword plane, which has the highest number of visits. Hence write for reader's who prefer those topics, but not just for search engines.

Title Is Most Important:-

Title of the Posts is really an important one should consider about it. Ignoring it can make you rank from 1 to 15.. Yes, that really matters. The title of the posts gets indexed by the google search engines and also others. Create a short but attractive title, but don't forget to include keyword.


Maintaining your website is of main importance.Do not posts most offensively do it once in a week and promote it for that week and gain traffic, try to keep this schedule. Try to post at least three to four per month.


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  2. SEO is complicated and it requires regular posting of relevant and unique content, keyword focused metadata, and various other factors. If you are not able to tackle with all this then alternate methods such as PPC and facebook ad management can be the best choices for you.

  3. In my opinion, if your SEO plan is not according to the latest strategies, then your website will be ignored by search engines, especially by Google.

    SEO is not as simple as it was once, today there are a lot of new methods you need to focus in order to get front page position.

    Content on your website has a lot more importance as compared to the prior. The content that is written for Google instead of people won't get you a good position on search engine.

    Therefore, it is crucial to look at your on-page SEO first and then go towards off-page SEO.

    These techniques you've mentioned are sufficient to get your website above your competitors.

    Everyone should read this guide carefully in order to get first place on Google.

    Thank you for sharing an informative guide with us.

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