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Best Sites To Write Sponsor Reviews And Get Paid: For Bloggers

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Review writing is the easiest and fastest way to earn money online for bloggers. Now a day’s most of the bloggers are making some good income by writing reviews on their blog as required by the advertiser.
So here I am going to share the best sites to get connect with the sponsors, then start writing reviews and get paid. All most all the sites mentioned below require a PayPal account.



This is the site for those you have blogs or websites. Here there is a great opportunity for both advertisers and bloggers. If you have a website or a blog and you wanted to earn bucks from it, then this site will definitely gonna help you out. All you need to do is just submitting your site to then the advertisers will look into your blog and they will contact you and they will ask you to write a review about their own requirement. And that’s it you are ready to be paid for it. Bloggers can also contact with the advertisers directly.



Blogsvertise has been yet another a great site for bloggers. In order to get started you need to register your blog in Blogvertise and wait for moderation and once the reviewing of your site has done and when they accept your blog. Then you are ready to earn money. Blogsvertise administrator will assign the writing task through email that include on advertisers interest on what to publish in your blog. You don’t have to endorse the website product/service.



This is the best and easy to use and earn money as long as you have a blog. You should submit your blog to them. Once the site gets accepted, then you are asked to write sponsored posts on your blog and get paid for it. Payment is made via PayPal and the minimum payout is $50.



This is the best site in the Sponsor Review Market that pays you money for writing reviews on your blog. Once your site gets accepted, you will receive assignments on a weekly basis on your blog profile. You will receive your payment via PayPal for every two weeks.



SocialSpark is from the same company which has also created the PayPerPost. You can either sign up as an Advertiser or Creator. Once you sign up as Creator, then you are eligible to take part in reviews. It has many Advertisers who can hadpick bloggers to promote their products or services through sponsor reviews or by just displaying advertisements.

Myntra To Turn App-Based: People Seek Device Neutrality

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Myntra, one of the shopping retailer in India, will be the first e-commerce firm to shun desktop and mobile websites and move its business to mobile application or app. Myntra which is owned by Flipkart may also the follow the same within a year. So, by this app-based strategy, one could not use these websites on a desktop or a browser on any mobile. The only way to access these websites is a mobile application or app. Myntra will only be accessible though a mobile app from May 1st.

Flipkart as a mobile application in an Android Device

But nowadays most of the e-commerce sites are present on all the platforms, but Myntra and Flipkart are only the first e-commerce sites to follow app-based strategy. A tweet from Flipkart's founder says all. "If one does an unemotional financial and strategic analysis, mobile-only is obvious".
According to experts, the increasing mobile internet traffic has let to move towards the app-only model. According to Myntra, around 70% of sales comes from the customers using Mobile App.

People Seek Device Neutrality

After the continuing effort from people all around the world contribute to Net Neutrality, here comes the another word called Device Neutrality.

What Is Device Neutrality?

Like net neutrality, Device neutrality came into existence when one of the top e-commerce retailer in India i.e. Flipkart who also owns Myntra is going to follow the app-only strategy. By this, one can only access these sites by only mobile app and could not be able to access from any browser either in desktop or in a mobile. But this does not make a sense to move from 14-inch desktop with a 5 inch or less screen will definitely hinder the user experience.

Now a days, though smartphones are used by everyone, but the desktop version seems to be smooth and convenient to shop, where in a mobile application the images would not be so clearly visible as one can see in desktop. And even in desktop, one can open multiple windows and compare the products and go for the best among them. And another major problem with app-base approach is Payment. Yes, because one would not be sure about the security levels of mobile payment gateways. Though one would prefer to choose his device for shopping and these sites should follow Device Neutrality.

Top 5 Reason's to Buy Asus Zenfone 2 Which Redefine's Your Smartphone Experience

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Asus has made some avid fans, by releasing Asus Zenfone 4 and 5. Asus Zenfone 5 was the fastest selling mobile of the year. It has got the best features within the affordable budget. And now after this huge success of Asus Zenfone 5, they have come with the new Asus Zenfone 2 which is the world’s first smart phone with 4 GB of ram one could not imagine. With this it will definitely redefine our smart phone experiences. And here is the 5 reasons why I would like to go for it.

Reason 1: 4GB ram!!!

The first reason why Asus zenfone 2 should be preferred is of its 4GB ram. As technology keeps on changing and upgrading, one should also need some specification in mobile so use such technology. For example, some people are game lovers and they want to experience the real graphics of the game and to play without lagging. So to experience such high quality gaming one should definitely posses a higher ram in their Smartphone’s  and Asus, with its 4GB RAM will definitely help them to experience high speed gaming. This spec of the phone will definitely satisfy the buyers who are game lovers.

Reason 2: LTE connectivity

Asus Zenfone 2 now packs LTE connectivity for faster mobile data transfer and to watch buffer less streaming. And now a day’s LTE connectivity is common in high range smart phones, but when it comes to Asus previous phones like Zenfone 4 and 5 was lacking this feature. It supports band for both from smart (2100MHz Band1) and Globe (1800 MHz Band 3). In upcoming days as LTE will be seen commonly around the corner of the world, one should not worry about it as it has LTE.

Reason 3: 3000mAh Battery

Now a day’s most of the smart phones have 2000mAh or 2500 mAh, but this new Asus Zenfone comes with the capacity of 3000 mAh battery which is also the one of the best feature of it. It feels very irritated when our battery drains in very less time. But with this new Asus Zenfone 2  you will never feel like irritated because it gives much longer battery life than any other Smartphone’s.

Reason 4: Boost Master Technology

It feels so frustrated when the mobile takes hours to charge and minutes to drain. But with this brand new comes with the new Boost Master Technology which makes you “Less Time Waiting, More Time Doing”. This feature makes your phone charge double the speed of normal smart phone. This Technology charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. It actually helps you to charge 60% in not more than 39 minutes. And this is the best feature of the Mobile.

Reason 5: Price

The price, doesn’t matter how extraordinary and monstrous specs are but if the price is not within the affordable budget that would be the most disappointing thing one would think of. But no need worry about it because Asus Zenfone 5 which has also got the extraordinary features at that time was within the affordable budget I.e. 8995. As the mobile is yet to be launched soon and has not decided about the price, but the expected price of the Asus Zenfone 2 is 12995, if it is the real price, then that would be really great to experience such an amazing features within such an affordable budget.

Other than these top 5 features it has also got some best specifications like


Zenfone 2’s 13 Megapixel real and 5 Megapixel front camera captures high resolution photos with Zero shutter lag. Whether it is night or morning you will see the accurate color of the picture.


 5.5 inch, 1080*1920 pixel-FHD


Zenfone 2 is powered by an up to 2.3GHz, 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor.
Operating System: Brand-new ASUS ZenUI with Android 5.0 Lollipop.


LPDDR3 2GB/4GB RAM/Micro SD card support, up to 64GB


16GB/32GB/64GB eMMC ASUS Web Storage 5GB (lifetime)

Check out detail specifications of the phone at Asus Zenfone 2-ZE551ML

Asus Zenfone 2 is proving to be the next Smartphone generation and will definitely create a success in the smart phone segment.

Best Android Apps To Make Money Online For Free

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You find a lot of  apps in Play Store and  Apple Store which you use them for a specific purpose.They not only prove to be useful in various circumstances like entertainment, gaming and navigation but they also help you to Earn Money. Yes!!, you heard right. There are various apps by which you can earn money by doing simple task.But some of them are fake ones, so be aware of those. Now, here I am gonna share some Best Android Apps To Make Money Online For Free. Check It Out!!


Checkpoints is the "App That Pays You Back". This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

For earning gifts and rewards all  you need to do is snag points by checking in with the checkpoints wherever you shop and scan any product using Barcode scanner to earn points.If you make more points you get more money.
You can also get points by referring friends and playing bonus games and you can redeem it in the following way's like to earn gift cards, game point credits and free merchandise instead of paying cash directly.

So what are you waiting for, just click here to download  Checkpoints App
And start earning money instantly.
For more Information about the add click HERE
Free recharge apps for Android

WHAFF Rewards:-

Do you want to discover new apps and get rewarded with Cash or Gift Cards? WHAFF
lets you to do this,it lets you browse Sponsored Apps Hand Picked by WHAFF and reward for downloading it.
I can say this is the best app with a huge rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store.

All you need to do is just login WHAFF Reward with your Facebook account or create a separate ID for it.Browse for different Apps shown by WHAFF and download them whatever you want and you will be paid by sponsors. Get your cash via PayPal or Gift Cards like Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Xbox Gift Cards and many more.

Download:-WHAFF Reward

Paisa Swipe Beta:-

It is the best app I have ever seen, because this app pays you money just for unlocking your mobile phone.What could be great more than this!

.All you need to do is just installing the application and make sure your Data Connection is ON. And that's it you are ready to earn money. Just unlock your phone and you will find sponsors add just check it out to earn money. You can easily earn Rs.300 per month just by unlocking your phone. You will also be paid if you refer your friends. If you refer your friends a lot, then you can easily earn Rs.1000+ bonus.

Download:-Paisa Swipe Beta

Viggle App:-

The viggle App lets you earn free rewards just for watching TV and listening music.This app is available in both Android and IOS smartphones.

Just download this amazing app into your smartphone and watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile and listen to music and get paid for doing them.Collect your point and redeem them through gift cards and many more.



If you ask me best among these apps? I would definitely suggest you to go with WHAFF Reward and Paisa Swipe Beta which are just doing well..

Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Money

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There are many survey sites that pay money for doing surveys.But most of them are spam.So one should be aware of such sites.Here is a best site which is paying money to the surveys from 2006."Cashcrate" is the best site to get paid for simple surveys.


Earn Money With Cashcrate :-

Step 1:-

First go to the crashcrate site sign up for free.You will get $1 free for sign up.
click Here for sign up for cashcrate.

Step 2:-
Once done with first step now you have four ways to earn money





By doing the above mentions ways you can easily earn money

Step 3:-
Just doing surveys will make you money,but to earn more money referrals is the best way. You get 20% of what your referral make and 10% of what their referral make.Refer more Earn more.

By doing the above simple steps by spending just 20 minutes daily you can definitely earn $50 to $100 per month.


Minimum payout is $20.Your payment will be processed by 20th of every month by cheque to the given address.


As you get your payment by cheque don't forget to enter the correct details of your address.

Sign Up for Cashcrate.


Most of the sites are spam.This is the best site than many other sites for paid surveys.So i suggest you to go with this site.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

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Now a days blogs have become more fascinating and popular platforms.But you will succeed only when you get traffic to your blog.Yes,Traffic is the most important thing one should consider while blogging.Let's talk about how to generate traffic to your blog.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


The very first thing you should do, to get traffic to your site is good SEO. Yes SEO plays an important role to get traffic to your site.So one should know about the basic seo techniques to get traffic to your site.To understand better on this topic,here is a guide of basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Blog Commenting:-

This is also a another great way to increase traffic to your blog.By Blog Commenting,you not only get traffic but also you can built backlinks.Backlinks is the best way to boost your Alexa rank.

Find the blogs which have a greater PR and start posting your comments to their posts that you are aware of.Mostly find the blogs that offer CommentLuv.By commenting on commentluv enables site,allows a link your recent post.Do not just comment like 'Thank's ,nice post'.Instead  read the article thoroughly and understand it well,then try to comment something related to it.Because,sometimes comments may be considered as a spam if they find the comment odd.So try to avoid it.


Even though you have written a high quality content,you cannot get traffic directly from google as there might be much competition for the same content for what you have written.Hence find alternatives, by which you can get traffic from sites like Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Pinterest,Reddit and StumbleUpon.For me Reddit brings a lot of US traffic. 

Try to get involve in various groups that are specialized in topic related to your blog, is a great way to get traffic to your blog.Try to share other people's post's on Facebook or on Google+ ,which in turn lets your posts shared by them.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines:-

All the major search engines allow users to submit their URL's to their search engines,to index their site easily and quickly.There are also many directories,that you can submit your site to them.But one should be very patient because results do not happen overnight.Sometimes it takes week's to get indexed and for the blog to show up.This is the best way to crawl it and pick it up someone's search results.

Guest Posting:-

Ones your website is looking good, start Guest Posting which brings traffic to your website.Guest Posting Or Guest Blogging means writing and publishing an article on someone else's blog or website.This means you write an article on someone else's blog and he must include a link to your blog somewhere usually in the beginning or in the ending.This will raise the value of your blog to Search Engines like Google,Yahoo and others. 

By this you not only get traffic to your website but also Backlinks for SEO, and an opportunity to built a relationships with other blogger's.  

 Update Your Blog Often:-

Having considering all the techniques but don't even forget to update your blog often.Try to keep your blog fresh by spending some quality time keeping your content interesting.Try to post the contents which are trending and to which users are attracted to.To make your blog popular and famous will definitely takes time so have patience and work hard with determination which will surely leads to success.

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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Does your website is ignore by Google? You shared your website on all great sites? But failed to increase the traffic to your site? You want much more traffic to your site or blog? Then you are on the right place.Just follow the simple steps which are the most important  parts of SEO.

What is Seo?

Seo Stands for Search Engine Optimization which has its own set of  rules and strategies to increase the position, i.e. Ranking of your site in the search engine's such as Google.

How Google Works:-

Everybody knows that Google is a search engine which is used by one and all. It has its own set of rules and regulations. The advertisers pay Google to show their ads on various websites. Hence, to provide a better experience to their users google has created many updates like a hummingbird and panda, which makes higher quality content to appear first in the search engine

Tips and Tricks:-

Keyword Planner:-

Most of the others just go keyword plane in Adwords and search for appropriate words and the words which have great searches they use them. But this is a big mistake most of the bloggers do. Because if you use a keyword which has the highest number of searches there will be a lot of competition to such words and its difficult to beat them and hence one should select the words which have medium competition by which you can beat those competitors.

Don't Ignore Your Old Posts:-

Never Ignore your old posts reasoning that they are of no use. There are great ways to link your old post to the new one the new one All you need to do is just make a link to your old post and keep it in the new post the google robots re-index your old post and give u highest rating.

Write For Your Reader's:-

Write for reader's not for search engines. This is a big mistake done by almost everyone in this field.Before writing any topic once make sure that reader's are interested in that topic or not. Most of the people write posts based on the keyword plane, which has the highest number of visits. Hence write for reader's who prefer those topics, but not just for search engines.

Title Is Most Important:-

Title of the Posts is really an important one should consider about it. Ignoring it can make you rank from 1 to 15.. Yes, that really matters. The title of the posts gets indexed by the google search engines and also others. Create a short but attractive title, but don't forget to include keyword.


Maintaining your website is of main importance.Do not posts most offensively do it once in a week and promote it for that week and gain traffic, try to keep this schedule. Try to post at least three to four per month.

How To Get Free Recharge Online

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There are many sites which say that it pays Free Recharge,but most of them does not work.So here i am giving you the best site to earn free recharge just by referring and  also doing surveys.

India Speaks:- 

It is a online survey panel which pays for just doing surveys.The each survey are worth of 50-150 reward points & we can redeem this reward points to mobile recharge,Life style,cafe coffee day voucher,sodexo vouchers etc.Minimum redeem points is 50 for mobile recharge.So easily u can earn 100-150rs. of recharge per month.Also u can earn 20 points(Rs.20) just by referring your friend.


PaisaLive Pay's Rs.99 Just For Login Best Site To Earn Money Online

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You may find various sites which pay you money for watching ads ,playing games and watching videos but none of them pay you nothing for log in. But PaisaLive pay's Rs.99 Just for sign up.You can earn Free Recharge also by participating in Free Recharge Emails in PaisaLive inbox.

Earn Money Through PaisaLive

 How To Earn Money Through PaisaLive:-

1.Just get register in PaisaLive and get Rs.99 in Your PaisaLive account.You need not put any investment in this site it's totally free.

2.Now Earn money for each your promotions by watching ads,referring friends ,participating in free recharge emails.

3.You can also earn money just for log in in PaisaLive account daily once i.e For each unique login in 24 hours.

4.Once you get login into your account you will receive promotions from their advertisers based on your profile

5.You get Rs.0.25 to Rs.5.00 based on your activity score and type of promotion

6.You earn Rs.2 for each friend you refer to PaisaLive.

Payment Proof:-

This is the payment proof which have been delivered by the PaisaLive through cheque

Payment Proof

Click Here To Register:PaisaLive

Also see:How To Get Free Recharge Online


You can earn more if you watch  and refer more and just by unique login in 24 hour's.This is the best site I have ever seen.Just check it out

How To Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages

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We all know that whatsapp is a messaging app that is used by one and all in the whole world.we just love it the way they made it so user friendly.All is well but what if you have accidentally deleted some most important messages? or your friend may have done it without your notice?.Then there is no need to worry about it at all,because i am going to share simple steps by which you can get you deleted messeges in a simple way.

Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Manual Method:-

Many of the whatsapp users don't know that whatsapp automatically backup all the data every day which is stored in the memory card of your smart phone.Hence by using this backup memory we can get all the data of your messeges even if they are deleted from your whatsapp messenge.

Step 1:-

First of all you need to have  File Explorer in your device,if not you can download it from play store.Once you have File Explorer open it and search for Whats app folder and then open it and you will find Database folder in it open it.
path is:-
Sd card>Whatsapp>Database

Step 2:


Once you open da
tabase folder you can see many files nmsamed "gstore-2014-02-06.1.db.crypt".There would be many such files with change in the dates.Now you will find another f"ile nmsamed gstore.db.crypt" .we need to remane it .

Step 3:-

Once you have renamed that file,find the file with the date that matches before deletion of your messages and name that file as "msgstore.db.crypt".

Step 4:-

In this step just Go to "Settings>Application>Whatsapp" and click on "Clear Data"

Step 5:-

Now Go To Whatappp messenger you will find the following messege as "MESSAGE BACKUP FOUND!".
Message Backup Found

Click on Restore,that's it all your deleted whatsapp messages will be restored


If you have deleted any Image ,Audio or Video file from whatsapp and if you want that file no need to worry about it just follow the below path:-
For Image :-Sd card>Whatsapp>Images
For Audio:-Sd card>Whatsapp>Audio
For Video:-Sd card>Whatsapp>Video
Just goto these paths to get your deleted file. 

Latest Version Of Android "Android L" Developer's Preview

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The latest version of Android you may think is Android 5.0 which would be not..For now it is Android L.Yes you heard right.Google has recently made a preview all about Android L.

"Android L has bought a raft of changes which would be the biggest upgrade to Android yet and it has over 5000 new API's" Proclaims the Android head Sundar Pichai.
The software is presently available to the user of Google Nexus 5 smartphones and Google Nexus 7 tablets. And for rest of the all it's just ahead.

Android L in Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Features Of Android L:-

Google has implemented a lot of new changes in it's latest version of Android L which would be the biggest upgrade to yet.

New Material Design Look:-

If you are using the stocked version of android that would not show you the visual changes on to way to your find.The big news for android L is  change the way it look's.These changes included not only in mobile,but also in tablet,Tv screen,watch and even in the car.

The new Material Design is meant to look like in both Flat and 3D.It is based on every animation and every shadow look real.That is there will be shadow gradients and 3D style that slides one over other.

The Font used is Roboto Font which is same for Watch To TV.Window's buttons such as Home,Back and Multitasking are also refined.Which also makes a difference from the old version of Android.New on-screen  notification buttons are there too.

3D and Flat Look
New Material Desing

 Enhanced Notifiation:-

Another big change in the Android L is the notificaiton.Google has decided to combine both lock screen and notification i.e You can see the notification of the lock screen itself and a simple swipe takes you into the phone.

If you get a call while you are playing a game,the notification just pop-up's whether you want to take it.It is likely to be same with the messages too.Google also sets privacy control to the lock screen notifications

Modern Art:-

ART stand for Android Run Time.Google replaces earlier run time  Delvin  with ART run-time.That is with no change to software the apps will  run twice fast on Android L.Art is also a 64-bit compatible which benefits cross platform support and also the increased RAM support.Over all ART is much faster than the earlier Delvin.
Android Run Time

Battery Life In Android L:-

The Battery life of Android L will be more efficient with the integration of the new tool called Project Volta.which lets the user to dig into the application power usage with android debugging tools.Battery saver mode is also integrated by default.which saves a little more battery than before.

Task Switching:-

The new Google android L adds control to task switching.That is you have options like Public and Private.You can select what should be included in public like notification,individual documents etc.
Task Switching

What to watch official video preview release Click here:Google I/O 2014  


          Many internal feature are yet to be revealed.Will get posted Asap.
          Don't forget to post your comments to make me go better. 

A Perfect Nashta @Kellogg'sWaleGuptaji!

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Breakfast is the most important component of the meal one should not skip it. A day with the perfect breakfast starts your day with a good mood. A perfect breakfast at perfect time keeps you healthier. Breakfast gives us energy and many vital nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins. But
all these Nutrients does not include in every food you have. Vegetables are of good source of vitamins; hence including it in your portion of breakfast keeps you healthier.

Actually I am a foodie guy who loves to have a variety of dishes. And when it comes to breakfast I prefer variety of dishes everyday. I love all those recipes of which brings a heavenly aroma which I justlove it. So one day a heavenly aroma was spreading from my neighbor Guptaji’s house then I thought it was a normal dish as the day passed by and also the next day happened the same and this continued for some days and I was just wondering what could be the ingredients they may be using and what kind of dishes they were preparing for Breakfast.

And one day it did not stopped me to go to my neighbor Guptaji’s house to ask what they prepare for breakfast and I was shocked to know that it was Kellogg’s Cornflakes. Then with an eager I started to ask him questions about the dishes they make but then I was shocked to know that it’s not just a single dish but there are different dishes which can be made with Kellogg’s Cornflakes but with different ingredients. But I was bachelor and I don’t know how to cook at all.

 Now a day’s Guptaji’s family is famous for their delicious food recipes by Cornflakes. Every day I used to bring hotel food for my breakfast and one day I was passing by Guptaji’s house and the same aroma of Cornflakes did not stopped me to ask him that can I join him for breakfast  and without hesitating he invited me to his house for breakfast. I was so excited to go his house for breakfast that too with yummy Cornflakes. Then he served me with Parcel Wala Nashta that is Sitaphal Cornflakes. It was so yummy I just could not describe it with words.

As I was about to finish with it and got surprised by another variety of Cornflakes Coconut Ladoo’s.  It was another tasty dish I ever had and thanked Mr. Gupta for inviting me with a Tasteful as well as Healthier Breakfast and went my way for office. As I started my day with a tasty breakfast my day went with good mood. From Then I always wanted to go to Guptaji’s house to much all these tasty, healthy and delicious dishes and sometimes to learn a few of them and learn to cook them later. You can find more recipes of Kellogg’s Cornflakes at AnaajKaNashta and Kelloggindia
Also Check the video of how people are crazy to go Guptaji's house For a Perfect Breakfast!!

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