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Myntra To Turn App-Based: People Seek Device Neutrality

Myntra, one of the shopping retailer in India, will be the first e-commerce firm to shun desktop and mobile websites and move its business to mobile application or app. Myntra which is owned by Flipkart may also the follow the same within a year. So, by this app-based strategy, one could not use these websites on a desktop or a browser on any mobile. The only way to access these websites is a mobile application or app. Myntra will only be accessible though a mobile app from May 1st.

Flipkart as a mobile application in an Android Device

But nowadays most of the e-commerce sites are present on all the platforms, but Myntra and Flipkart are only the first e-commerce sites to follow app-based strategy. A tweet from Flipkart's founder says all. "If one does an unemotional financial and strategic analysis, mobile-only is obvious".
According to experts, the increasing mobile internet traffic has let to move towards the app-only model. According to Myntra, around 70% of sales comes from the customers using Mobile App.

People Seek Device Neutrality

After the continuing effort from people all around the world contribute to Net Neutrality, here comes the another word called Device Neutrality.

What Is Device Neutrality?

Like net neutrality, Device neutrality came into existence when one of the top e-commerce retailer in India i.e. Flipkart who also owns Myntra is going to follow the app-only strategy. By this, one can only access these sites by only mobile app and could not be able to access from any browser either in desktop or in a mobile. But this does not make a sense to move from 14-inch desktop with a 5 inch or less screen will definitely hinder the user experience.

Now a days, though smartphones are used by everyone, but the desktop version seems to be smooth and convenient to shop, where in a mobile application the images would not be so clearly visible as one can see in desktop. And even in desktop, one can open multiple windows and compare the products and go for the best among them. And another major problem with app-base approach is Payment. Yes, because one would not be sure about the security levels of mobile payment gateways. Though one would prefer to choose his device for shopping and these sites should follow Device Neutrality.


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