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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

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Now a days blogs have become more fascinating and popular platforms.But you will succeed only when you get traffic to your blog.Yes,Traffic is the most important thing one should consider while blogging.Let's talk about how to generate traffic to your blog.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


The very first thing you should do, to get traffic to your site is good SEO. Yes SEO plays an important role to get traffic to your site.So one should know about the basic seo techniques to get traffic to your site.To understand better on this topic,here is a guide of basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Blog Commenting:-

This is also a another great way to increase traffic to your blog.By Blog Commenting,you not only get traffic but also you can built backlinks.Backlinks is the best way to boost your Alexa rank.

Find the blogs which have a greater PR and start posting your comments to their posts that you are aware of.Mostly find the blogs that offer CommentLuv.By commenting on commentluv enables site,allows a link your recent post.Do not just comment like 'Thank's ,nice post'.Instead  read the article thoroughly and understand it well,then try to comment something related to it.Because,sometimes comments may be considered as a spam if they find the comment odd.So try to avoid it.


Even though you have written a high quality content,you cannot get traffic directly from google as there might be much competition for the same content for what you have written.Hence find alternatives, by which you can get traffic from sites like Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Pinterest,Reddit and StumbleUpon.For me Reddit brings a lot of US traffic. 

Try to get involve in various groups that are specialized in topic related to your blog, is a great way to get traffic to your blog.Try to share other people's post's on Facebook or on Google+ ,which in turn lets your posts shared by them.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines:-

All the major search engines allow users to submit their URL's to their search engines,to index their site easily and quickly.There are also many directories,that you can submit your site to them.But one should be very patient because results do not happen overnight.Sometimes it takes week's to get indexed and for the blog to show up.This is the best way to crawl it and pick it up someone's search results.

Guest Posting:-

Ones your website is looking good, start Guest Posting which brings traffic to your website.Guest Posting Or Guest Blogging means writing and publishing an article on someone else's blog or website.This means you write an article on someone else's blog and he must include a link to your blog somewhere usually in the beginning or in the ending.This will raise the value of your blog to Search Engines like Google,Yahoo and others. 

By this you not only get traffic to your website but also Backlinks for SEO, and an opportunity to built a relationships with other blogger's.  

 Update Your Blog Often:-

Having considering all the techniques but don't even forget to update your blog often.Try to keep your blog fresh by spending some quality time keeping your content interesting.Try to post the contents which are trending and to which users are attracted to.To make your blog popular and famous will definitely takes time so have patience and work hard with determination which will surely leads to success.

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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Does your website is ignore by Google? You shared your website on all great sites? But failed to increase the traffic to your site? You want much more traffic to your site or blog? Then you are on the right place.Just follow the simple steps which are the most important  parts of SEO.

What is Seo?

Seo Stands for Search Engine Optimization which has its own set of  rules and strategies to increase the position, i.e. Ranking of your site in the search engine's such as Google.

How Google Works:-

Everybody knows that Google is a search engine which is used by one and all. It has its own set of rules and regulations. The advertisers pay Google to show their ads on various websites. Hence, to provide a better experience to their users google has created many updates like a hummingbird and panda, which makes higher quality content to appear first in the search engine

Tips and Tricks:-

Keyword Planner:-

Most of the others just go keyword plane in Adwords and search for appropriate words and the words which have great searches they use them. But this is a big mistake most of the bloggers do. Because if you use a keyword which has the highest number of searches there will be a lot of competition to such words and its difficult to beat them and hence one should select the words which have medium competition by which you can beat those competitors.

Don't Ignore Your Old Posts:-

Never Ignore your old posts reasoning that they are of no use. There are great ways to link your old post to the new one the new one All you need to do is just make a link to your old post and keep it in the new post the google robots re-index your old post and give u highest rating.

Write For Your Reader's:-

Write for reader's not for search engines. This is a big mistake done by almost everyone in this field.Before writing any topic once make sure that reader's are interested in that topic or not. Most of the people write posts based on the keyword plane, which has the highest number of visits. Hence write for reader's who prefer those topics, but not just for search engines.

Title Is Most Important:-

Title of the Posts is really an important one should consider about it. Ignoring it can make you rank from 1 to 15.. Yes, that really matters. The title of the posts gets indexed by the google search engines and also others. Create a short but attractive title, but don't forget to include keyword.


Maintaining your website is of main importance.Do not posts most offensively do it once in a week and promote it for that week and gain traffic, try to keep this schedule. Try to post at least three to four per month.
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