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My experience of rising above fear

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I want to share my experience about rising above my fear. Once I along my friends went to a tour. Our tour location was Manali. It was during the period of winter. The temperature over there was very low. We were feeling very cold right from the day of our arrival to Manali. The first day we went for sports like paragliding and river rafting. During paragliding, all my friends were very excited to take part. But I always had a fear of heights. So, I told my friends that I would not take part in paragliding. My friends were very disappointed with this decision. They wanted every person of our group to participate in it. So, they started requesting me a lot. But I was very sure about my decision. So, one of my friends was getting ready to paraglide. In the meantime, I observed a guy who was with his family. He had some kind of fracture in his hands and his parents were advising him that if he was feeling uncomfortable, he can avoid it. But he was very adamant that he wanted to enjoy the paragliding. I was shocked to see such kind of an attitude from a person who was not psychically well. Later, he went up the hill and took off to paraglide. I felt very confident looking at such move by the young lad. I called my friends and told them I too will participate in the sport. They became very happy. As, I want up to the hill, I was feeling the fear as well as I was very feeling courageous looking at the boy. Now, as I was about to takeoff, the feeling of fear rose. Then, I took a deep breath of faith and started running toward the cliff for takeoff. And I successfully took off and the feeling of being above so high was very amazing. I would have never experienced this amazing feeling if I would have not conquered my fear. The boy taught me a lesson due to which I was able to rise above my own fear. If I would have not risen up, my friends would have got disappointed and I would have not experienced such an amazing feeling in my life. From that day onwards I have never feared off heights. I also gained the attitude of conquering over my fears. This was the most pleasant experience of my life. Now, I advise people to overcome fears instead of running away from them. I tell them there are only two options to run away from fear or to face it. And facing it is the best option. This experience always stays with me and encourages me in every walk of life.

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The touch of care.

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Raj and Priya were classmates from the high school. It was in the class of 9th that Raj met Priya and later both fell in love with each other. It was not a story of infatuation but of true love. He first met her in the class of 7th and always gazed and dreamt of her. Only after a year he got an opportunity to chat with her. It was History class and teacher told Raj to ask and copy notes Priya’s notebook. It was the first time that they both talked to each other.  They turned out to be good friends.
Later, luckily they got admitted into the same college. They became the best friends in college and started going out with each other for fun. But Raj was in love with Priya right from the beginning. He always wanted to tell her about her feelings but never dared to utter such words. One day, he arranged a meet at a café in the city. He was determined that day to tell her about his feelings. And he proposed her and she said that she needed time to think about it. Later, she sent him a rose that evening and accepted his proposal.
Then they used to hang out regularly and were very happy with their relationship. But, Priya lost her father one night and was going through a very sad phase in her life. Raj on the other was going through one his busiest phases in life. He was looking for jobs to get settled in life as he wanted to see Priya as his life partner.  So, he didn’t meet and console her at her most sad phase. Priya was very upset with Raj’s absence and decided to break her relationship with him and started avoiding his calls and messages. It was as long as 6 months that Priya avoided Raj completely. But, Raj was very worried about their relationship.
So, one day he thought of going to her house and talk to her. He rung the bell, Priya looked through the doorhole and didn’t open the door. Raj stayed by the door the whole night and next day when Priya saw him still present at the door. She called him inside and they talked for a while and still things were not patching up. She was describing about her father’s death when Raj hold her hand. This touch made Priya realize that Raj was still protective about her and cared for her. It made her feel so relaxed that he was there to look after her. Later, Raj explained to her how he was busy due to which he could attend her. He apologized and she forgave him and they both became the lovely couple again.

Toilets for all Indians

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  Jawaharlal Nehru once said that India would be a developed nation when every household will have toilet and proper sanitation facilities. But, are we heading towards such a developed nation while more than half of the population has no household toilets. People in cities think this is another bad consequences of development. But, China is a developed country but it has toilets in every household. In fact, Bangladesh which is not developed as India also has lower percentage of open defecation as compared to India. So, It is not fair to state the condition as a consequence of a developing nation.
      Each village must have public toilets for proper sanitation facilitation. But, in spite of having public toilets, people prefer open defecation and feel that it is harmless. Open defecation is very harmful to human health as it may cause spread of some deadly germs and bacteria. In case of children, open defecation stuns their physical and mental growth. Hence, such children do not grow to the full potential.
Recently, in a village in Maharashtra, a women sold her jewelry to build a toilet at her home. Such is the importance of sanitation in human lives. And household toilets help maintain women dignity and privacy. Women cannot go to public toilets such freely so household toilets are the only alternative to maintain sanitation and women health. In Karnataka, many school girls are not sent to government schools which do not have separate toilet for girls. Parents fear for the girls privacy as many schools do not have separate toilet facilities for girls. This affects the education of the girls in Karnataka.           Many such states like Uttar Pradesh has also literacy due to some reasons pertaining to toilets and improper sanitation.In a survey conducted it was observed that women gave priority for household toilets as it safeguarded their privacy and dignity. This should be started as a public social movement as this goal of public sanitation cannot be achieved solely by programs of government. The public should start building toilets in their homes to live a happy and safe life.
      India can be developed only when the condition of sanitation is improved. This will require a collective effort form the public as well as the Government. Such is an initiative taken by Domex to eradicate this problem of open defecation and health issues which has been hindering the growth of the nation.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

My Health Secret - Dabur Chyawanprash

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Dabur Chyawanprash is the only dietary supplement I have been right from my childhood till present. It has been my companion all along my life and gave me immunity to all kinds of illnesses. I would like to share my story, how I turned from a weak child to a strong and confident person. Truly, Chyawanprash has helped me all along this path.

In my childhood, I was weak in terms of my immune system and had to suffer from lot of illness. My mother used to get tensed as I was frequently falling sick. She tried everything from giving me a healthy diet to taking of hygiene. But, later she learned that my immune was not very strong and was the main cause that I used to have cold a lot. I had starting medicines and tablets to fight this problem. But, effective drugs and medicines always have their side effects. The side effects began to deteriorate my condition.

So, now Mom started looking for many Ayurvedic medicines which helps in strengthening the immunity as they have no such side effects. I had a friend who was very healthy and always active. His mother once told my Mom that she feed her son with Dabur Chyawanprash which helps boosts the immune system of a child. Later, Mom started feeding me Dabur Chyawanprash as it was purely made from Ayurvedic herbs. It was not quick, gradually after a long period, my immune system started becoming strong towards all kinds of ailments. Then, I started regularly having after breakfast and dinner and enjoyed it. It also helped me to overcome the spread of typhoid in my locality.  I felt bad to see my friends suffer from that ailment so started suggesting them to have Dabur 
Chyawanprash daily.

The main ingredients of Dabur Chyawanprash that makes it so enriching and healthy is

Ashwagandha- It is one most powerful ayurvedic herbs. It has the following healing effects
·         Improves learning and memory
·         Protects immune system
·         Helps lower Cholesterol               
·         Stabilizes blood sugar
·         Has anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory properties

Amla- It has many benefits from anti-ageing to hair growth and nourishes skin.
·         It is a rich source of Vitamin C which has strong anti-oxidant properties that stop cell degeneration.
·         Helps boost protein metabolism
·         It helps purify and clean the blood
·         It cures indigestion

Pippali – It cures cough and other respiratory problems and strengthens the lungs.

Satavari – It has general health benefits such as
·         It increases stamina.
·         It improves intelligence.
·         Improves eyesight

Guduchi – It helps in making us both mentally and physically fit due to its astringent properties.

Bala – It gives strength and stamina and helps children fight general weaknesses.

Dabur Chyawanprash contains such in total more than 46 trusted herbs which helps strengthen immunity and maintains the overall physical and mental health. I feel that each child should have this excellent formulation made about 2,500 years ago made by our ancestors and Vaids which also has been mentioned in our Vedic books. So, Dabur Chyawanprash in every home will help built a strong child that will make a strong family and also make India’s future bright and confident.

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Daddy & His Scary Laugh

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Checkout video of this little boy and his expressions

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