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The touch of care.


Raj and Priya were classmates from the high school. It was in the class of 9th that Raj met Priya and later both fell in love with each other. It was not a story of infatuation but of true love. He first met her in the class of 7th and always gazed and dreamt of her. Only after a year he got an opportunity to chat with her. It was History class and teacher told Raj to ask and copy notes Priya’s notebook. It was the first time that they both talked to each other.  They turned out to be good friends.
Later, luckily they got admitted into the same college. They became the best friends in college and started going out with each other for fun. But Raj was in love with Priya right from the beginning. He always wanted to tell her about her feelings but never dared to utter such words. One day, he arranged a meet at a café in the city. He was determined that day to tell her about his feelings. And he proposed her and she said that she needed time to think about it. Later, she sent him a rose that evening and accepted his proposal.
Then they used to hang out regularly and were very happy with their relationship. But, Priya lost her father one night and was going through a very sad phase in her life. Raj on the other was going through one his busiest phases in life. He was looking for jobs to get settled in life as he wanted to see Priya as his life partner.  So, he didn’t meet and console her at her most sad phase. Priya was very upset with Raj’s absence and decided to break her relationship with him and started avoiding his calls and messages. It was as long as 6 months that Priya avoided Raj completely. But, Raj was very worried about their relationship.
So, one day he thought of going to her house and talk to her. He rung the bell, Priya looked through the doorhole and didn’t open the door. Raj stayed by the door the whole night and next day when Priya saw him still present at the door. She called him inside and they talked for a while and still things were not patching up. She was describing about her father’s death when Raj hold her hand. This touch made Priya realize that Raj was still protective about her and cared for her. It made her feel so relaxed that he was there to look after her. Later, Raj explained to her how he was busy due to which he could attend her. He apologized and she forgave him and they both became the lovely couple again.


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