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Look up to Optimism & Hope

I wanted to share my personal experience of being a man of positive attitude and optimism in nature. Until and unless I realized, I was not a person with positive attitude. I would react to negative side if certain bad things happen with me. I used to be very disappointed to such situations. It was continued and came to end when I met a new friend in a crash course classes. His name was tarakesh , he was a person with positive attitude, he would react to any situation positively . 
It took some days for me to understand his behavior and attitude. He was always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. He was a natural motivator for me. So one day we had a exam in our crash course classes and the next day we got results , I got very less marks when compared to others and my friend who was positive at all times got much less than me. I was very disappointed to the result I got, but my friend reacted positive towards it and was happy, I asked him are you not disappointed to the result you got. He just smiled and said no not at all. He said that if we do not do mistakes we would not learn anything, and mistakes are stepping stones of success. 
Then I argued with him that you cannot react to every situation positively sometime we need to react to the negative side of it also, and then he explained the whole scenario as follows. “Each morning I wake up and ask myself that I have to options today either to be in a good mood or to be in a bad mood and I always choose to be in a good mood. And if something bad happens to me, then again I have two choices either to think of that and be in a disappointed mood all the day or to learn from that bad situation and I always choose the second option to learn from that bad thing which has happened and try to avoid that in future”. 
Seeing this kind of attitude from a person made me curious and showed me hope for future. From then till now I have been a person with positive attitude and always say the same to the people who unnecessarily react to negative side of the situation and be in a disappointed mood which gives you nothing but rather learning from your mistakes makes a better person and that person will definitely see success in life. Once upon a time my friend was a motivational person for me who taught me about positive attitude and how to be the happiest person in the world. But now it’s me who inspire people about looking up positive in life and that positive attitude will definitely give him hope for the future.


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