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A Smile Of Happiness

I wanted to share my personal experiences about what makes me the Happiest person ever. Happiness is not just a feel of success, it has Many meanings for i.e. The smile on a face determines acceptance. There are
Many situations in my life which make me feel happy, among them few are Memorable moments in my life. Actually, happiness is not same for everyone. It depends on the person’s interest. So here goes my story I feel very happy when something good happens. I Love to make new friends and enjoy with them and make the best memories My life. So, during my school day I have very few friends and at times We were not so matured, but i have many little funny memories which Just brings a smile on my face. When we were in 10th standard we felt Very sad because all those days are coming to an end. And after Completion of our exams, we passed out with a very good percentile and We received many appreciations from our lecturers and then soon I Completed my 10th standard we shifted our house to another place whichWas actually a state. At that time we did not have any contact Numbers and nothing. When we shifted to the other state for a few months I missed my school friends a lot, but those Memories make me feel Happy. Those memories used to bring a smile on my face.

As the days passed by, I joined an intermediate college where I made a Very few friends and they were not like my school friends, because in School it was a bond of six years with my friends and my intermediate Life just completed in two years in which I only have a memory of Studies and not of enjoyment and after two years I completed mine Intermediate and joined in an engineering college. So my engineering Life got started and my memories of my school friends don’t come Into my mind. And one day night when I was ready to sleep and the next Day of it was my birthday, then suddenly I remembered my school days And my memories rolled back and the day which we enjoy during birthday Just make me feel happy and tears rolled out of my eyes and in that Feeling I suddenly fall asleep.

And at sharp 12 o'clock bell rang and I suddenly got up in a hurry and Opened the door and I was just shocked to see my school friends which I hardly able to recognize them after 6 years. It was a very happy Moment in my life and will not forget that moment for ever and ever. Actually there are no words to describe my feeling at that time. It Was an unbelievable surprise for me I my life and all I was doing was
SMILING and it was a smile of HAPPINESS.


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