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A Change In My Life


I wanted to share my personal experience of how I changed my life by taking some bold steps which were very difficult to take in some situations of our life but those steps are needed to be taken if you want a change in moving beyond the process of change, why change in life is necessary? It's because every one need success in their life, and how does it come when you do not work hard or make some crucial steps in your life. Hence change in life is must one should do it do be successful in life.Here goes my story..I was an engineering student with technical background but it was not my zeal towards it. I went it that field without actually knowing my goals. Finally I was about to finish my graduation but up to then I always had a keen interest in posing for pics, my friends would just get irritated by the most number of pics I will be posing for.By the way I give a good pose and of course look good and many of my friends suggested me to get into the modelling field. But I stay in Hyderabad and I do not have any background support of someone who can drop me in that field. And one day my friend who actually stays in Mumbai told me that one of his friend is working in modelling field and he was at respectable position. So my friend referred me to him and he told me to come to Mumbai for auditions.

        And here begins the journey of my life to get A Change In My Life by taking some bold steps such as leaving my family alone and going to Mumbai to Start A New Life. I went to Mumbai, met my friend who was the only one I knew in Mumbai, for some days I was in his house and later I moved to separate house with one bedroom, and started my life by cooking myself , washing my cloths and  by living alone chasing my dreams to come true. It was a challenge for me in my life to be success by achieving my dreams, living alone on my own steps. I was feeling as an individual person.I was feeling pleasurable by Living in that new home alone.Then I went for the auditions and was selected which was an embarrassing moment in my life and at that moment I was like flying in air with much of happiness filled my heart.

Then after continuous struggle for 5 months, I started my career in modelling field and I got some offers from start up companies and was earning some good income.At that moment I felt success in my life. And that success would not be possible if I wouldn't take the step of living alone in Mumbai and leaving my family alone in Hyderabad. Hence "Change In Life" is necessary to StartANewLife.



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