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Nowadays, online buying and selling services are popular among people. It gives you ease of buying or selling your products being at your home such that you don't have to visit shops that buy and sell second hand products. Today, you are just clicks away to buy and sell your used products. These online services has made lives so much easier but there have been times when we have been annoyed the unwanted calls. Yes, everyone might have experienced situations in which random and unwanted calls have caused disturbance while you are busy or working. I too have faced such a similar situation where I had posted an ad to sell my mobile on Quikr and one day while I was busy in an interview I received a call from a buyer. Now, this ruined my interview and eventually it turned out that the buyer was also not meeting my terms. But, now you don't have to worry about falling in such situations as Quikr has come up with this next big thing in the world of online buying and selling. This feature is known as Quikr NXT. This is a unique feature that lets make your dealings over chat. Now, you need telephonic conversations no more as chat is the new way of having a conversation.
The three major reasons why I prefer Quikr NXT are:

Chat feature 

Now you don't have to get disturbed by unknown calls at odd hours as this chat feature allows you to respond to the specific user only when you are free. This also proves to be an economic feature as you don't have to waste your money calling buyers or sellers instead you can just chat with the desired person.

Photo sharing

Most people might have been in an situation wherein they were not able to express their products to a specific buyer over telephone.It feels so describe a physical thing in words. The best form of expression would surely be a photo of the specific product. This new feature has this special advantage that now you can click and send photos of your product over chat. This feature will be very time efficient.

Chat history 

Chat history lets you look up all required information from your conversation without the effort of remembering or noting down offers and looking them up. A telephonic conversation has this major disadvantage that you have to write down things about the caller and his offer. Otherwise if you don't have anything to jot down notes, you would be left with the trouble of remembering the required information which you might forget. But, Quikr NXT helps you get rid of such troubles and now you can sell and buy your products by just chatting with the respective person.


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